Xpress Confinement Nanny

We had the privilege of working with Tammy from Xpress Confinement Nanny, a startup venturing into the realm of postpartum care. Recognising the transformative power of a strong online presence, Xpress Confinement Nanny approached us with the vision of creating a website that not only captures the essence of their services but also conveys the warmth and expertise they bring to new mothers and their newborns.

Our first step was to understand Xpress Confinement Nanny’s unique identity and goals. We have proposed branding colours that not only emanate professionalism but also evoke a sense of comfort, aligning seamlessly with the nurturing care they provide. Designing a unique logo presented an enjoyable challenge, as our goal was to capture the essence of their mission and make Xpress Confinement Nanny a recognisable and relatable brand.

In addition to the visual appeal, we prioritize functionality to ensure the website delivers an intuitive user experience, all the while embodying the personal touch that defines Xpress Confinement Nanny.

Tailored Branding for Xpress Confinement Nanny


Colour Palette


Recognising the diverse interactions that Xpress Confinement Nanny will have with mothers, vendors, and stakeholders, we have incorporated the design of stationery, including name cards, to facilitate seamless communication and engagement.

Icons and Imagery

We meticulously choose icons and images to represent Xpress Confinement Nanny’s character, ensuring they resonate with and are relatable to their audience.

How Did the Website Turn Out?

We test web designs from Wild Clover Digital to ensure that crucial elements stand out and effectively convey the main message. Utilising AI technology, we assessed the design for Xpress Confinement Nanny, achieving an optimal clarity score of 78%, surpassing the clarity of over 60% of the most popular websites. The red spots indicate areas where the content garners the most attention.

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