Party Heart

Donovan was looking to revamp Party Heart’s website. After more than decade, it was starting to fetch irrelevant leads and faced compatibility issues and limitations due to the obsolete software it was built on. One of his requests was to retain some of his previous artwork and motifs that represent Party Heart’s values and branding over the years.

Our objectives for Party Heart were clear. We wanted to resolve the issues of receiving irrelevant bot spams as well as deliver a clean, uncluttered design for its revamped website, one that is well-structured and mobile-compatible.

Several factors were taken into consideration when planning for Party Heart’s new site, such as the target audience, personality and values of the company, and retaining key imagery. This information helped us to blend the designs and position the information better.

Hierarchy Before Website RevampHierarchy After Website Revamp

Some of the pages and items were grouped together to reduce overlap, which also allows visitors to retrieve any information easily.

Party Heart has brought plenty of laughter and fun to their target audience over the years. Vibrant colours and whimsical typographies were carefully selected to project that image, while retaining an overall professional look.

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