Zoe started planning for this brave entrepreneur, Wei Bin, when he mentioned that he has a vast portfolio and would like to increase his digital presence. Wei Bin also expressed his concerns as he had a website but was struggling with organising the content and making it aesthetic. The strategy was to develop two websites for his main business and side business, making the copy precise, sending clear messages to potential clients.

Taking into account that both sites reach different groups of target audience, I have styled the websites differently, from the colours of the sites to the copy to the images used. A light and welcoming theme was selected for Lin Lao Shi, a tuition site, whose target audience is mainly parents whereas a more formal theme was chosen for his Professional Chinese Services website where the target audience is executives from corporations.

What did the client say?

I have received compliments and admiration from clients and friends who have visited my website. Zoe has also compiled a list of notes regarding SEO for my reference when I am updating my blog.

What’s impressive is the after-sales service, whereby she serves with the highest professionalism through answering questions and whichever capacity she can further assists in.

Lim Wei Bin

A Chinese Coach and Founder of Lin Lao Shi Chinese