Jin Hair Beauty

Priscillia took over Jin Hair Beauty from her mother Emily. Being a second-generation owner, Priscillia recognised the importance of increasing digital presence as well as aligning their branding, especially when they had just revamped their shopfront.

Priscillia was concerned about retaining the ‘warmth’ culture of Jin Hair while looking modern. She was also looking to streamline Jin Hair’s processes, which is to automate processes and include online appointments.

To show their essence of their homely and warmth services, we had picked friendly and casual fonts, as well as edited the copy to an approachable tone.

Colours were carefully chosen that best represent them and at the same time, aligned to their shopfront and previous works.

We also reviewed Priscillia’s work processes and streamlined them by including a live chat and placing emphasis on Jin Hair’s booking system.

Project Management

Jin Hair Beauty engaged a third-party photographer and Zoe Soon from Wild Clover Digital stepped in as the project manager to work closely with the photographer and talents to ensure that the pictures taken work well on the website and future marketing materials.

How Did the Website Turn Out?

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What did the client say?

Wild Clover Digital is meticulous to find out about our business needs and have brilliant ideas to maximize our sales and booking process.

Zoe got to know our team and built a website that represents us. She is very responsive to make changes and receptive to all comments. She is also very resourceful to compare all the programs to make ensure we get the best deal.

Most of all, I enjoyed the personalized experience while working with Wild Clover Digital.
Highly recommend!

Owner of Jin Hair Beauty, Fillial Daughter to Emily, Proud Mother of Three