Impact Circle Education

Impact Circle Education, an online education centre, was seeking a website revamp that will align with their expansion plan.

In order to execute the project, we assessed the strengths of Impact Circle Education. We wanted to convey the message that learning from teachers who were MOE-trained can be nurturing and effective in an online environment, and hoped to change the perception that enrichment courses are stressful for children. Colours, fonts, and visuals were carefully selected to complement one other.

It was a shift from Squarespace to WordPress and we ensured that the transition to the new site was smooth, minimising the downtime for the website.

Project Management and Creative Direction

To have a better visual representation, Impact Circle Education engaged a third-party photographer. Zoe from Wild Clover Digital stepped in to provide the overall creative direction and as a project manager to work closely with the photographer and talents to ensure that the pictures taken work well on the website and future marketing materials.

Make Your Design Effective

Cluttered design makes it difficult for important elements to stand out and to understand the main message. We used AI technology to assess the design after and the clarity score is 73% optimal, with higher clarity than 60% of the most popular websites.