Cool-Air Control

Elaine handles her partner’s business and is looking to explore more ways to create brand awareness as well as digital advertising to expand the business.

Previously, Cool-Air Control had a limited digital presence, focusing only on Facebook marketing. Moving forward, Elaine would like to conduct Google advertising (SEM) for the business, and that is where a website comes into play.

After speaking to Elaine, we understand that Cool-Air Control wants their target audience to know that they are meticulous with their services and have a deep passion for bringing cool, fresh air to customers.

Images and videos that best represent them and their services were carefully picked. To demonstrate their meticulousness, before-and-after pictures of their air con servicing are shown. The write-up was done in an approachable yet professional tone.

Considering Elaine’s objectives for the website as well as her value of efficiency, we created a chat icon and highlighted their call-to-action buttons. Other services include setting up Cool-Air Control’s email for consumer correspondence as well as Google Business.

Colour Palette

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