5 Ways to Enhance User Experience on Your Website

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According to market research conducted by top design firms, 42% of visitors will leave a website because of poor functionality. If your website is not user-friendly, or if visitors find it difficult to seek the information they need, more often than not they will look elsewhere. Hence, constant review and improvement is important for your website. Having a consistently updated website also builds trust with your customers and enhances the reliability of your brand. There are many ways to enhance your website. Here are five pointers to help you.

1. Review Your Objectives

Reviewing the objectives of your website allows you to better plan and structure your content and this can potentially to boost your digital marketing results. Some questions you may want to ask are “Am I trying to strengthen my brand presence?”, “Am I trying to create a community?” or “Am I showcasing my portfolio?”.

This step is important as it ties in with the next point.

2. Access the Website’s Usability

The website’s objectives will not be met if they do not meet visitors’ purposes for visiting your website. To improve this aspect, ensure that your website is functionally sound. Observe if your visitors can perform the respective tasks/directions provided by your website, such as filling out a questionnaire or a coupon code. Check if the functions are intuitive and accessible. For instance, can they submit their enquiries on your contact form? Can they add, drop, or edit items in the shopping cart easily? Are the links and buttons working and guiding the visitors to where they are supposed to be?

3. Update Your Content to Make it Relevant

A research conducted by search engine optimizer Brightlocal reveals that consumers tend to trust the information they see on a company’s website, among other sources of information. Web content that is up-to-date, while being displayed and arranged in an accessible, easy-to-digest way, does connect with visitors on an individual, emotional level. On the other hand, content that is outdated or unclear can lead to unclear or frustrated visitors.

Regularly reviewing your content helps ensure that it is current and and still relevant to visitors. Update your website with the latest happenings or information and keep the content simple yet significant, also making sure that the images complement the texts and vice versa.

4. Having a Clutter-free Website

50% of visitors state that their impression of a brand is dependent on the design of the company’s website (PRnewswire, 2021).

A cluttered website is unlikely to leave a remarkable impression on visitors, which might affect one’s branding. Furthermore, an unstructured website with overwhelming and irrelevant information might affect its usability and customers’ experience with your brand.

Cleaning up your content (including the images) may seem cumbersome but it is well worth your time if it enhances customers’ experience with your website and brand. You may want to rewrite/rearrange your content or engage a professional copywriter to help you with this.

5. Having a Mobile-responsive Website

Do you know? Singaporeans spend an average of 8 hours on the internet per day and out of those 8 hours, roughly 3 hours and 40 minutes are spent on mobile devices. (Data Reportal, 2021; Statistica, 2022)

If your website is not available on mobile or not mobile-responsive, you end up losing the reach that you can otherwise attain. A website that is not mobile-responsive (or without a ‘mobile version’) can lead to visitors encountering difficulties such as a disjointed UI due to sizing/resolution or having to spend time zooming in to find what they want which might frustrate them. Hence, always check that your website is mobile-friendly, especially after each time you update it or rearrange content in some way.

TL;DR Takeaway

You may like to start by reviewing the objectives of your website, its content and images to deem if they are relevant. Check the functionality and usability of your website and its components. Spring-clean or update your website regularly and remember to keep your content simple yet significant. Make sure that the images complement the texts and vice versa. Consider reorganising the pages and information to declutter the website and make it more accessible. Last but not least, ensure that your website is mobile-responsive.


Just remember, “if everything is important then nothing is important”. When you find yourself overwhelmed or put off by the content/layout/imagery of your website, chances are your audience is likely to feel the same way too. Remember, then, to simplify and plan your content/design carefully.

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